In the past few years I’ve been developing several projects in which the Portuguese contemporary landscape is my workspace. I‘ve chosen the large format camera (4x5 inch) because, adding to its precision and technique rigour, it has a slow work process. This work method is determinant for the attentive and prolonged observation, allowing me to get engaged in and connected with the object or landscape that I wish to photograph.

I’m always trying to build new ways of looking at reality and at the space that is presented to me. I essentially look for the forgotten or rejected spaces or moments, things that belong to us and we are used to look at. This interests me in the way that it forces me to create an image and relate to its space, while trying to forget its history and original reception contexts. Concentrating only in light, space and time, I feel freer to create new contexts for the images, as if this almost sculptural treatment gave them back an apparently forgotten or neglected dignity. Thus these images become moments that propitiate a wider reflexion on the way we build our cultural and social identity.